About Me

I have been interested in computers my whole life. I have been exposed to the idea and principals behind safety critical systems since I was a young child. The driving force behind my interest was my father, who helped develop the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator. The lesson of not only what it could do, but what could happen in the event of a misoperation forever captured my interest. It had to work right every time and had to not operate when it wasn’t necessary. Failure on either point could easily mean death to the patient.

I am not your typical computer geek. I love building things, writing software, designing circuits, as well as the application of projectile motion and the chemistry involved in explosives. There isn’t really anything I don’t really expose my self to in one form or another.

I have a woodshop and design and build furniture for my own use when I need something for a specific purpose. Such as a tailored desk for use with ham radio. Just the same when I need a piece of software to do a specific task and it currently doesn’t exist, I will write it to fill the void. This is what created the URL Blacklist Plugin for Windows Live Writer. It was a problem that needed a solution.